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DIY Promotions can help you plan and execute a custom radio campaign focused on your music and your audience.

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We'll walk you through the steps of executing your own campaign to get your music played on the radio. You'll find useful information about each step, what you need to do, and what we can do for you.

You can then plan an efficient mailing campaign online using our radio station database that is actively curated by radio promotions professionals to track stations and even specific radio shows that actuallly play independent artists.

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Producing your CD

Even in the age of digital music files and hyperlinks you still have to produce manufactured CD's to have a chance of being played on the radio. A professionally-manufactured CD shows music directors that your project is serious.

Your CD should be "production quality". Manufactured CD's are the mandatory type for radio stations. These are the types of CD's that have a minimum run of 300 or 500 and are silver in color.

Be sure that your lyrics are FCC clean.

Quality album art gives your CD a professional look.

Use standard (not slim) plastic jewel cases. Slim cardborad or vinyl cases don't fit the CD racks and will be discarded.

Make sure the CD's are not shrinkwrapped. CD's in shrinkwrap probably won't be opened.

Add labels on the outside of the case with the genre and the track number(s) that you're promoting.

One Sheets

Your one-sheet is exactly that - one sheet that summarizes what a music director wants to know when evaluating your CD for airplay.

A one-sheet should be professional looking, well-designed, artistic, and printed on quality paper stock.

Important information that should be on your one-sheet:

  • A brief description of your musical style
  • Band or artist photo
  • Specific tracks to check out
  • Links to your website and social media
  • Contact information

You can create your own one-sheet with good publishing software and some skills. Many artists prefer to have their one-sheets created by professionals who are able to convey a sense artists and their music in their design. And many designers have relationships with professional printers and their requirements and can manage the production process for you as well.

Planning Your Campaign

With over 10,000 radio stations in the United States, it is not cost-effective to mail your CD to every station in the country. You'll want to limit your campaign to stations that accept and play music from independent artists and play your genre of music. You might also want to focus on specific geographic areas to coordinate with tours and performances.

The challenge is that public radio station information is often out-of date and innacurate. Radio stations will change ownership and switch genres.

In addition, some radio stations that generally play specific genres like "Adult Contemporary" will broadcast special programming that play a variety of other genres.

DIY Promotions partners with professional radio promoters to access their radio station databases that they actively maintain and use to plan their campaigns. By using this information you can save thousands of dollars in CD production and mailing costs by focusing only on those stations where your music has a chance of being played.

Use our online campaign planning tool to build your own custom station list.

Once you've fine-tuned your station criteria we will print the mailing labels and express ship them to you.

Shipping Your CD's

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