What is DIY Promotions?

DIY promotions is a service dedicated to helping independent musicians build and conduct their own radio campaigns. We provide access to invaluable information and tools they need for the productive distribution of their single, EP, or album to stations that support independent music READ MORE..

Why DIY Promotions?

Once you have a radio-ready EP or album, some sort of regional or national radio campaign is the next logical step in getting your music heard. READ MORE..

How It Works

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The CD

The first step in getting radio play is having a well-produced, well-mastered CD for airplay. This means having physical copies of your CD's on-hand for distribution to stations. Generally artists order 100-300 copies for a campaign - you'll know the exact number after you plan your personalized campaign with us. READ MORE..

Planning Your Campaign

With over 10,000 radio stations in the United States, it is not cost-effective to mail your CD to every station in the country. You'll want to limit your campaign to stations that accept and play music from independent artists and play your genre of music. You might also want to focus on specific geographic areas to coordinate with tours and performances. READ MORE..

Your Custom Radio Promotions Mailing Kit

Once you're done building your campaign, order your personalized promotions kit with instructions and the following label sets:

  • Station call letters and mailing addresses for the radio stations selected in your campaign
  • Return address labels
  • Genre labels and individual track title and number stickers for your CD cases (Example: Track #3 "You’re the One”)
  • Tracking sheets, station contact information, and instructions for tracking which stations are playing your music and how often

  • Pricing

    The cost of the promotions kit, including the address labels for the stations matching your customized campaign is $315

    Shipping Your CD's

    As soon as you receive your custom kit you're ready to go! Label each CD as well as each envelope accordingly in anticipation of your mailing. Genre and track stickers go directly on your CD and mailing addresses as well as return address labels go on the exterior of your envelope.

    Tracking Your Music

    Once you’ve mailed your CDs to radio stations the next step is tracking your music. Your DIY packet comes with all the pertinent info you’ll need to do this. In addition, we’ll provide you with an excel spreadsheet to log your mailings, inquiries, and airplay stats. We include program directors’ names, emails, and phone numbers. If you need assistance in conducting the phone calls and emails to stations for tracking purposes we do provide support services. Contact us for more info and for individual rates based on your campaign and needs.

    Have Questions? Let's Get In Touch!

    email: customersupport@diypromotions.com

    phone: (866) 511-5011