Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do a radio campaign? Isn’t radio dead?

A: Soundpaper: “It’s still worth it to include radio media in your music promotion these days — despite popular claims that “radio is dead,” which it isn’t. Radio airplay leads to accessing wider audiences, densifying your fanbases, building connections with tastemakers, and strengthening your royalty-based revenue streams. How and where you find radio stations, program hosts and music curators, and even music bloggers is an essential piece of this music-promotion process. Let’s dive in.” -

Q: Why do I need to do a physical mailing? Can’t I just submit my music online? I can even hire one of those companies that will service my music digitally for me.

A: Unfortunately, most of the music servicing companies are not worth your time or money. Currently, almost 90 percent of legitimate, reputable radio stations that play independent music will not accept any sort of digital or online music submissions. This is true for a couple of reasons: First, they would be overwhelmed with emails, files, and even potential viruses from anyone capable of using simple software or online programs. Secondly, having a physical EP or album separates the amateurs from serious musicians or band. Music and program directors as well as DJs are true music lovers who want to be able to hold your album, check out your cool EP artwork, and be able to review several tracks to get an understanding of who you are as an artist or band. named the Top 5 most influential college stations in the country, and FOUR of FIVE are limited to PHYSICAL MAILINGS ONLY. See excerpts from their submission policy pages below:

Example station submission rules

Q: Do you include commercial radio stations in your database?

A: We limit our database to college, community, and public radio stations as these are the only mediums that will still truly play independent music. When shopping for radio campaigns, be wary of companies that promise commercial airplay. Many times airplay is fabricated through 'payola', paper adds, and falsified tracking reports. This is one of our main motivations for creating DIY promotions. We strive to offer accuracy, transparency, and integrity into the process of garnering airplay.

Q: Do you guarantee airplay or results?

A: We guarantee our information is accurate but how much play you get depends on your music. Any company that does guarantee results, chart placement, label inquisitions, etc. is questionable.

Example station submission rules

Hofstra University, WRHU 88.7 FM

New York based college station was named as one of “Top 5 best college radio stations in the U.S.” by and 2018’s #1 college radio station in the U.S. by

Submitting Music to WRHU

WRHU will accept music in CD or vinyl formats. Do not submit music in the form of downloadable files (i.e., MP3), links to Web sites, or cassettes. Please include general information about the genre of music contained in your submission. All submissions become property of WRHU.

WRHU will not return any material submitted for airplay consideration. WRHU makes no guarantee that material submitted will receive airplay. Please give us at least one full week to review submissions.

Mail your submission to:

WRHU Music Director
111 Hofstra University
127 Lawrence Herbert School of Communication
Hempstead, NY 11549

Arizona State University, KASC AM, Blaze Radio

The Blaze Radio won the Phoenix New Times award for “Best Radio Station” and was named by the Phoenix New Times as the “Best Station for Local Music“. The Blaze is deeply supportive of local music in the Phoenix area, and was instrumental in breaking artists like Jimmy Eat World and the Gin Blossoms nationally. Their website eagerly encourages you to send them music physically, by way of mailing:

Send us your music!

Blaze Radio ASU
555 N. Central Ave. Suite 302
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Howard University, WHUR 96.3 FM

WHUR is one of the only university-owned commercial stations in the U.S., and broadcasts to the major market of Washington D.C. for almost half a century and was awarded the NAB Crystal Radio Award for excellence in community service. Their music submission applications are limited to mailing your physical CDs to the following address:

WHUR Attn: Traci LaTrelle, Music Director
529 Bryant Street NW
Washington, DC 20059

University of California, Berkeley, KALX 90.7 FM

On the air over 50 years, KALX was nominated two years in a row for MTVU’s College Radio Woodie Awards. MTV named KALX as one of the Top 10 most influential college radio stations in the country and the station was voted as the “Best Radio Station” in California’s East Bay Express reader poll.

University of California, Berkeley
26 Barrows Hall # 5650
Berkeley, CA 94720-5650

Please do not email music submissions, interview requests, or press releases.